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KTM SXF,XC-W, XC-F, EXC gas tank update.

Riverside, CA April 3, 2013– Due to a labeling accident the 2007-2010 KTM 450 SXF tank was labeled as only 2.7 gallon but is instead it is actually 3.1 gallons.  This has been corrected on the IMS website and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this may have caused.  This tank will also fit the:

            11-12 450 SXF (carbureted model part #113329)


12-13 450 SXF Factory Edition*  (requires nut #78107088014/connector #78107088017)

            2013 450 SXF*

12-13 450 XC-W* (2012 models require nut #78107088014/connector #78107088017)

12-13 500 XC-W* (2012 models require nut #78107088014/connector #78107088017)

            2013 450 SC-F*

12-13 500 EXC* (will not fit with California Emissions Equipment require nut #78107088014/connector #78107088017)

            *All these models are fuel injected part # 113332

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