Industry leader in performance off-road parts

Thanks for helping us break 1000 fans!

Back when IMS Founder CH Wheat started making high-performance off-road parts and accessories in 1976, we were a small company that spread by word of mouth amongst local off-road racers. But by the early 1980’s, IMS had grown considerably.

When fellow desert racer Scott Wright joined IMS in 1995, things really took off. IMS Products were being stocked in stores across not just California, but the entire world, and the best off-road racers, from GNCC to Baja and everything in between, were sponsored by IMS. As a result, IMS had become more than just a small, dedicated group of racers in Southern California. We became a family.

This, of course, comes as our Facebook fan page has reached over 1000 fans.

While small in comparison to some of the larger companies on the Internet today, having 1000 fans (and counting!) is a gratifying and humbling feeling.

We’re all brought together under the same common interest – the love of off-road racing – and we’re happy to be a part of that family. Which is why we are dedicated to making the great products and keeping our customers happy.

Leave us a comment on this blog post with your favorite memory of off-road racing, and we’ll send you an IMS Sticker. It’s our way of saying – thank you!



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