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Looking Forward at 2011

There is a duality about the desert. At times it can be remarkably beautiful – the openness, the starry nights, the sanctuary from the everyday concrete jungles. Yet all at once, the desert can be a desolate, undesirable, and ultimately very challenging place. This is what continues to drive us here at IMS Products to desert racing.

Desert racing is the ultimate liberation from the closed-circuit motocross tracks and the tight trails of the mountains. There are few thrills more visceral than barreling through the desert at top speed on a fast bike, hovering between control and chaos. It’s the finest form of concentration and just thinking about it makes us want to fill up the gas tanks, put the bikes in the truck, and head out of town!

That’s why we’re so excited about the 2011 racing season. From the WORCS Series to the 44th Baja 1000, this is going to be a busy year of off-road racing and we’re committed to bringing our fellow desert racers – from the top-level factory teams to the everyday weekend warrior – the best products possible. We’ll be continuing our innovative line of accessories into 2011. IMS foot pegs, IMS shift levers, as well as our world famous IMS gas tanks just keep getting better and better. Being the leader in desert racing fuel systems and accessories doesn’t mean we will rest on our laurels. For 2011, our R&D group will be busy refining existing products and developing new technologies. Why do we do it? Because we love it!

We’ll also be expanding our web presence. Our new website, which includes an all new shopping cart and more fan-interactive content, is almost finished. Fans of IMS on Facebook will continue to get the latest news, as well as really cool special promotions.

We hope to see you all out in the desert this year. Let’s make 2011 a great year!


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  1. i know you dont like Honda’s mate….but hard to argue with the price of them! Since Hattah, i have been considering “supplimenting” my 250X for something like this 2011 450R… but i dont think i could slip it past the wifey! ice_Decimal%7c1%7c%7cpCar_Make_String%7c0%7c%7cpCa r_Model_String%7c0&__N=1432%201429%201428%204294967259%204294967228 Excellent condition -Fitted with FMF Full System, SM Pro Platinum Rims with Talon hubs, Kroozetune Suspension (set for 80kg), 270mm Front Brake Disc with Braided Line, ProTaper Foot Pegs, New Tyres, Hydraulic Clutch (new still in box), 22 degree offset triple clamps with dual settings for bars (makes cornering better & bike more stable) and Spares Kit chuck on a flywheel weight, bolt on my steering damper and steg pegs, and triple clamps, and she would be good to go for under 8k.

    February 1, 2013 at 8:07 am

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