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In an ever-increasing world of grey areas, riding dirt bikes and ATV’s is one of the more “pure” experiences a person can do. Riding them fast is about as real as you can get. Falling down tends to hurt; and the faster you go, the more it hurts.

Then comes racing.

Racing is all about reaching beyond what is thought possible, overcoming fear, and enjoying life in a robust way.  It doesn’t really matter how good or bad you are as a rider. It’s relative really, from the mind-boggling-fast Factory Pros to the beginners.

At IMS, we love getting outdoors in this wonderful country, whether it’s aboard a motorcycle or an ATV. We have been doing it our entire lives and appreciate that special feeling you get from riding off-road. It’s hard to explain to those who’ve never sliced through forest trails or raced across the desert floor, but to those who have, well – you understand.

While IMS designs and builds products to make life a little easier for the off-road motorcycle/ATV experience, our real joy comes from riding. This will never change and it’s the key reason why we’re in the business. But forget about the business end of things; let’s just talk about the real deal: riding!

We’d like you to respond to this blog with tales of your own riding or racing experiences. This blog is meant to be an open forum where we can all talk about the passion of riding and racing. Some of our friends, such as Gary Jones, Wayne Hinson, and others, will be on from time to time to share their thoughts and stories, so stay tuned!

Let’s all keep up the tradition of personal freedom and enjoying riding. Get active in your community and become a positive role model whenever you ride. There are great organizations like the Blue Ribbon Coalition and others that fight for our ability to enjoy public lands every day. Let’s all support each other and promote good “trail citizenship” whenever we ride.

Happy trails!



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